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Crocodile logic

Embracing the influence of Smugglers Cove, Golden Tiki, Otto’s Shrunken Head, Pagan Idol, and other amazing tiki bars across the country, this team of creative deviants decided to double down on what makes them different and open a second bar, six months after opening their first (The Electric Cure in Edgewater, CO).

When you find passion in something, you find yourself desperate for more. Hell or High Water Tiki is what happens when people get into something solely because they love how it makes them feel and how it inspires them to tap into something bigger inside themselves. 

All Hands on Dick! 

The maniacs behind the curtains know how to make a night out, worth the effort. The walls are adorned with oddities - an anachronistic play on disorder and disruption. They’ve given no quarter while unapologetically compiling a historically inaccurate treasure map of counter culture and commotion.

Picture a haunted pirate ship that once housed a gaggle of magnificently gay pirates, now marooned on a phallically mystifying, bird-infested, tropical island of ill repute. - (This is the point in our communication that you are either genuinely intrigued or completely offended. Let’s call it a “Choose Your Own Adventure” of sorts.)


Haunting on The High Seas

Do you believe in ghosts? Rumor has it, the ship is splintered with the memories of multiple overly active spirits dating back to the late 1800s.  The most notable is an old Sea Nymph named Lydia who was said to have been thrown, down the mezzanine stairs.


While aboard the ill-fated Wang Jangler, you’ll be drinking with the dead and sharing the same physical space as a handful of surly spectors who occupied this vessel in both life and in death. (To learn more about these historical hauntings


The Urge to Indulge

Their staff of overly salty, sea-devils has been characterized as a glorious chaotic powerhouse, there to provide you with only the finest pyro-based entertainment starring Rum and Mezcal. The menu will feature numerous takes on traditional rum-soaked tiki drinks while introducing what we refer to as "Oaxacan Tiki", a collection of Mezcal-based tropical twists”. Be forewarned, one better come fed, full, and prepared to be boarded by night's dirty lighting because their drinks pack a punch that can only be described as sly as a sea serpent, and twice as slippery.

Coming Full Circle

As fortune, providence, and/or fate would have it, this exact space at 15th and Blake is where Healy and Ramos originally discussed opening The Electric Cure. At a 2021 industry event held at then-named Brass Tacks, the duo was inspired by the kitschiness of the upstairs mezzanine area of the property.

With full-circle inspiration at hand, Hell or High Water will allow this self-sufficient, female-owned, and operated enterprise to continue to freely express its creative vision – unbeholden to anyone or any “silent” partner who would inevitably try to stick their finger in the pot and ruin the broth.

From the Captain’s Quarters

We enjoy staying out of the mainstream light and remaining somewhat unknown. We’re invested in keeping things small, staying true to ourselves, and showing up for the people that show up for us. We have no interest in stockholders, managing a public image, or convincing that glorious 1 Star review to give us a second chance. 

So let this be our version of running a shot across Denver’s bow. Validation is for parking and has no place on the High Seas. We believe the best way to get approval is not to need it and don’t expect everyone to get what we're doing. As a matter of fact, we've gotten extremely comfortable with being misunderstood, disparaged & wished the worst. While we’re no longer waiting for someone to give us permission to execute our next idea, we could surely use your support and generosity as we take our stab at giving Denver the Tiki Bar it truly deserves.

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